Product: PRO-SURFACER P Proline Stampable Overlay

Description: Proline ProSurfacer is a just-add-water, high strength, polymer concrete  overlay. This dynamic cementitious blend is designed to restore, repair, and resurface old, stained, and cracked concrete. ProSurfacer can be applied by trowel, squeegee, or broom to provide the desired texture or finish.  It is also used as a bond/base coat prior to ProStamp, ProTexture, and ProMicroTop applications.  Transform, renew, and restore unsightly concrete with ProSurfacer.   

Typical use include:

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, parking garages, warehouse floors,  garage floors, walkways, bridges, highways, masonry walls or any other horizontal or vertical surfaces needing thin concrete restoration.   


Store in a dry, covered area.  Avoid moisture and direct sun


50 LB. bag covers between 100 – 250 sq.ft. depending on application thickness. For most applications coverage is 200 sq.ft. per bag.  
Recommended thickness between 0” - 1/8”  


►Durable   ►Tenacious bond  ►Slip Resistant   ►Stainable  ►Flexible   ►Salt/Ice melt resistant  
►Fast drying  ►Easy to use   ►Cost effective 

GRAY – to match existing concrete          
WHITE – to be stained, dyed, or integrally colored with ProColorPacks


Technical Datasheet:

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