Product: APF Cem-Rez™ T

Description: Cem-Rez™ T is used to resurface residential and commercial concrete floors.  Typical applications include driveways, walkways, porches, patios, entryways, pool areas and any other floor or deck that requires the combined features of a non-slip, durable surface.  Cem-Rez™ T can offer the beauty of a colorful and renewed coating.  When applied correctly, Cem-Rez™ T gives the highest adhesion and compression strengths of any similar overlay.  Cem-Rez™ T is available in both white and cream tones.  Using stencils and coloring, APF’s Cem-Rez™ T overlay system can simulate the look of tile, flagstone, slate and brick at a fraction of the cost of these more expensive materials.

Colors & Finishes
Natural Grey

50 lb. bag


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