Product: APF Cem-Rez™ R

Description: Cem-Rez™ R is a specially formulated Polymer resin mixture designed to be applied as a thin concrete overlay. The finished result is a hard-wearing, long-lasting surface, which looks and feels like brand new concrete. It is applied over a profiled and primed surface using Cem-Rez™ AP 2300, to ensure its full bonding potential to the existing substrate. It is used as a bond coat under Cem-Rez™ M.  The recommended temperature for installation is between 50° F and 90° F. Temperatures over 90° F will dramatically shorten work time of the material. Cem-Rez™ R can be used in both interior and exterior applications and is installed using a specialty squeegee or broom. An ideal protective finish coat for Cem-Rez™ R is APF Polyurethane 250.

Colors & Finishes
Natural Grey

50 lb. bag


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