Product: APF Cem-Rez™ M

Description: Cem-Rez™ M is an ultra smooth resurfacer and hard-wearing micro topping that produces a plaster-like finish.  Using APF integral colors together with Cem-Rez™ M’s uniquely smooth surface, you can create the look of marble, tile, granite, and Venetian plaster.  By using tape and stencils between coats, as well as different complimentary colors, Cem-Rez™ M becomes a one-of-a-kind and durable flooring surface.  Cem-Rez™ M incorporates very small particle mesh sizes, which compliment each other to form a tight and extremely smooth finished surface.  If acid staining, allow for overnight cure.

Colors & Finishes
Natural Grey

25 lb. bag


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